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Color is my “Thing” But it May Not Be Yours

So from Apartment Therapy I share today’s thoughts on color in the home.  I like to use color and I encourage it in life as a general rule of thumb.  If you are a color phobe, try pops of color … Continue reading

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Non Profit Art; Art with the Power to Build Community

Last year Barry of Barry’s Blog posed the idea of having a dinner of arts leaders where all arts management and artist creation ideas were on the table among other guided subjects.  New Beans, a blog by  Clayton Lord responds to his experience … Continue reading

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Report Out The Friday, Millions Being Spent to Deny

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Inequality for All, a new film by Robert Reich

I am very excited about Robert Reich’s new film Inequality for All.  Last year, as production was entering it final stages, the filmmakers asked for financial help on Kickstarter.  I was pleased to be able to help in a small … Continue reading

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Tick Tock, The Evidence is In, Man is Contributing to Climate Change

Time is short, evidence is in and more due in just a few short days.  There are answers to this challenge that we need to embrace NOW.  Check out this link to The Guardian.

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Just Another Manic Monday

Oh no!  Certification Rosters Due…for those who don’t speak college-eze, cert rosters are the 20th day of class when instructors at Kansas community colleges certify the class attendance.  Did they attend? Yes, ATT–cha-ching meaning money from the state for the … Continue reading

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Rain, Cool Weather. Don’t be Fooled–The Planet is Still Warming The floods in Colorado are indicative of the warming planet creating greater humidity and increase downpours that settle over one area and stay and stay and stay.  According to scientist … Continue reading

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