Just Another Manic Monday

Oh no!  Certification Rosters Due…for those who don’t speak college-eze, cert rosters are the 20th day of class when instructors at Kansas community colleges certify the class attendance.  Did they attend? Yes, ATT–cha-ching meaning money from the state for the college.  Did they not attend (not one time)? NA-dropped from course.  Did they attend at least one time but drift away and not participate in class as they should have?  NP, Bye-Bye-dropped from course.

I had one student who was NA and one who I was tempted to report NY bye-bye, but I didn’t.  Here’s the thing, did you ever want just one more chance?  I have and I do.  Those of you out there who agree, shout it out.  ONE more chance! Please.

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