Color is my “Thing” But it May Not Be Yours

So from Apartment Therapy I share today’s thoughts on color in the home.  I like to use color and I encourage it in life as a general rule of thumb.  If you are a color phobe, try pops of color here and there; a scarf around your neck, a pillow on your chair.  You get the idea.
Color, Chromophobia, and Colonialism: Some Historical Thoughts

Piet Mondrian used reds, yellows, blues, and blacks. Donald Judd’s palette has included green, pink, and orange. Carl Andre relied on the colors of specific materials like wood and metals. And yet somehow, the term “minimalism” today calls to mind an image of a pure, clean, and orderly space with white as the dominant color. Why, despite seeing color everywhere, do we still tend to associate the minimal and the modern with whiteness?

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