From Brian Reynolds, Climate Reality Project Leader

Like me, Brian Reynolds is a Climate Reality Project Leader.  Americans have an opportunity to make comments to the government during this “open period” surrounding new climate legislation.  Climate change should not be a partisan issue.  It is effecting everyone and costing billions to repair the damage cause by change (consider the costs of the 1000 year flooding in Colorado this year and the cost of super storm Sandy last year).  I sent my emailed comment, it was easy and just took a moment.  You can too.  Please share this post with all your friends.  After yesterday New York Times article, many of you voiced real concern and some of you voiced fear.  This is one small way you can take action to help.  On behalf of the planet and its creatures including humans, thank you.

Here’s how to file a comment with EPA on GHG limits for proposed power plant. Manager’s Choice

Operations & Sales Leader – Corporate Climate Resilience Expert – I.E. Blackbelt – Climate Reality Presenter

As many of you know, part of President Obama’s recent push to deal with climate change includes direction that the EPA issues long delayed regulations restricting the creation of green house gasses by proposed power plants. These rules have been issued and are currently open for public comment. It’s important that we respond in support for the rules and equally important that we voice support for even greater restriction. Here’s how you do that: 

1. copy this email address: ” ” 

2. Reference this rule in the subject line and body: EPA-HQ-OAR-2013-0495 

3. Speak clarity in support of the rule and ask for even greater restriction. Reference the cost of climate change and feel free to include ways you may already have bee effected by climate change. 

4. Act now. This comment period ends soon. This is an important thing that you can spare five minutes right now. 

5. Act now. …really.

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